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Field Installation & Modification
Experienced and Safe

Our experienced field teams and technicians all have a minimum of 8 years of installation and field works experience. They also go through a rigorous safety training course and installation methodology briefings before being deployed, to ensure your job is completed timely, correctly and safely.

Independent Checking and Quality Assurance Inspections
Guaranteed Performance

As part of our commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. Our team is flexible and takes all engineering considerations into account to ensure the final product is properly fabricated to specifications, inspected to prevent irregularities and fit to use.

Equipment Maintenance and Servicing.
Operational Sustainablilty 

We complete the supply and operation chain by offering maintenance contracts or regular annual servicing to clients like impellers repair & replacements, scrubber packing refills, and fatigue failure inspections and repairs.

Design Consultancy and Engineering.
Advanced Technologies and Techniques

Using new technologies and software engineerings and techniques, we design your products and solutions to meet all stringent requirements and specifications.